Apple Gets a Green Light to Sell Advanced Apple Watches Again

Apple Watches. Guess what? Apple’s back in the game! After a bit of a hiccup in court, they’ve snagged a temporary pause on a ban that was stopping them from selling their latest and greatest Apple Watches. Here’s the lowdown.

The Apple Watch Comeback

So, Apple’s hitting the shelves again with its top-notch Apple Watches. A federal appeals court pumped the brakes on a big import ban, letting Apple put its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches back up for sale.

They’re not wasting time either – Apple’s got plans to offer these watches on their website starting Thursday at noon Pacific Time. The company’s stoked, saying they’ll have the “full Apple Watch lineup” up for grabs just in time for the new year.

Why the Halt?

There was a bit of a snag earlier. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) put a kibosh on Apple importing these newer watches. See, they said these watches stepped on patents owned by another company. Apple wasn’t thrilled and quickly made a move to appeal.

The White House had a chance to swoop in and squash the ban by Christmas day, but they didn’t take the bait. That’s when Apple played its trump card and went to the appeals court, pleading their case to lift the ban temporarily.

Apple’s Game Plan

Apple’s not sitting back. They’re on it, hustling to make changes to these watches that got them into hot water. They’re tweaking things and aiming to have the redesign sorted by January 12. They’re not messing around – they’re worried they’ll take a hit if the ban sticks while their appeal is ongoing.

What Happened Before?

When the ban hit, Apple pulled those watches off their online store and store shelves. You couldn’t find the Series 6 and later models or any of the Apple Watch Ultra. But hey, the cheaper Apple Watch SE was still up for grabs.

Even with the ban, other stores were still selling these watches. But with this new court move, Apple’s got the green light to sell its high-end smartwatches while they duke it out legally.

Apple’s Take

Apple’s not holding back on their pride in their tech. They’ve been working hard on these watches, especially on health and safety features. They’re glad the court hit pause on the ban and are itching to get these Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches back in the market.

They’re already planning to restock some stores with these watches starting Wednesday. And soon enough, you’ll probably see them pop up all over the place in the US.

What Got Them in Trouble?

Back in October, the ITC decided Apple was treading on a pulse oximeter patent. This tech measures blood-oxygen levels using light-based wizardry. The company behind the patent, Masimo, wasn’t too thrilled about Apple’s version.

But hold on, the ban was all about imports. Third-party sellers still had these watches up for grabs even after the ban kicked in.

With this court lifeline, Apple’s back in action. They’ve got the green light to keep selling these top-notch smartwatches while they sort things out legally. The Federal Circuit court has put a hold on the ITC’s ban “until further notice” while they dive into Apple’s appeal.